VISIT NEPAL 2020 set to bring two million tourists in Nepal

The tourism board of Nepal is going to organize VISIT NEPAL 2020. This will be the most important for the tourism industry of Nepal. This is the planning of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) to attract the tourist whole over the world. VISIT NEPAL 2020 will be targeted to bring two million tourists in the year 2020. As Nepal had failed to bring 1 million tourists in Visit Nepal '98 and Nepal Tourism Year 2011. As Nepal is a country of Lord Gautam Buddha and Mount Everest but due to political and safety reasons, Nepal is failing to attract maximum tourists.

Actually, VISIT NEPAL 2020 was previously planned for 2018, according to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA). The problem was on the delay in making airports, roads, and heritage.

Nepal organized the first major event Visit Nepal 1998 to promote Nepal tourism all over the world. After that in 2011with the slogan of Naturally Nepal, they repeated but due to some factors, they could not succeed in it. Nepal faced a destructive earthquake in 2015 which completely affected Nepal tourism. It destroyed many historical temples and landmarks.

As preparation for VISIT NEPAL 2020, there have been constructing airports, roads and other infrastructures in Nepal. Being a landlocked country Nepal is the second richest country of water resources in the world. The highest mountain Mount Everest is in Nepal and other beautiful mountains are also located here. Beautiful places, historical places, trekkings, wildlife reserves are the specialty of Nepal.

Hope this third major event VISIT NEPAL 2020 planning will be done well and Nepal will achieve their aim to attract two million tourists. Nepal is doing their publicity of VISIT NEPAL 2020 in speed. Many people want to visit Nepal but due to some reasons, they are not coming. May this VISIT NEPAL 2020 will be the right time to visit Nepal and know more about Nepal.